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Copasil is a manufacturer of precipitated silica (synthetic silicon dioxide), which is used in the following industries: tires, rubber, chemicals, agrochemicals and fertilizers, food, oral care (toothpaste), cosmetics and animal nutrition. Silica’s role in each segment is:
For tires and rubbers, it is used as a reinforcing agent; for oral care, as an abrasive and thickening agent; in the chemical, agrochemical and fertilizers, food, cosmetics and animal nutrition industries, it works as an anti-fog, a powder fluidizing and a liquid-carrier agent.

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  • Research and Product Development in Brazil;
  • Innovative powder-reducing processes in product handling;
  • High-dispersibility silica (HD);
  • Low environmental impact plants;
  • High automation index in the field, in controlling and supervising the silica production process;

Quality control

Certificates and management systems


Precipitated silica

  • ABS - High-absorption silicas
  • CPS - Conventional silica for rubber products
  • FGS - Silicas for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • HDS - High-dispersibility silicas for green tires


High-absorption Silicas

These are precipitated silicas that are amorphous and have a high humidity absorption capacity. These products were developed for segments such as: agrochemicals, fertilizers, animal feeds, pesticides, chemical industries, detergents, paints and pigments, resins, gel coatings, and others.

The ABS family is known in the industry for its versatility and efficiency; it can be used to improve existing formulations, or to develop new products that require an amorphous, high-purity silica.


Conventional Silicas

These are precipitated silicas that are amorphous and were developed for the rubber market, meeting all of our clients’ needs and challenges. Thanks to this silica family’s surface area and chemical nature, its resulting rubber compounds have an excellent reforce potential, high resistance and durability, better processing, better dispersion and greater resistance to abrasion.

Silicas from the CPS family are designed for the production of soles, automotive parts, rollers, belts, rubber compounds, thermoplastic compounds, and other products.
The development of this product line was directed to our clients’ processes and products, to ensure the highest quality and performance in each phase of production.


Food Grade Silicas

These are high-performance precipitated silicas, projected specifically for the food industry, principally for powdered foods.
It acts as an anticaking agent, especially in storage. It controls and absorbs humidity, improving food’s free flow and maintaining its properties; it helps the powder and product dosage in various processes; and it facilitates blending, packaging and product handling. The FGS family has guaranteed food safety with the FSSC 22.000 and ISO 9001:2015 certificates.

HDS Family

High Dispersion Silica

These are precipitated, amorphous, granulated and high-dispersibility silicas developed for the green tire and rubber compounds markets, segments that require high-performance silica.
Silicas from the HDS family present a finer distribution of particle sizes in comparison to conventional silicas, enabling better processability and dispersion in rubber, and giving it better resistance to abrasion and bearing. They also avoid powder formation when handling the product.
In tire production, Copasil’s HDS silicas bring the following advantages:

  • Better resistance to wear and increased durability;
  • Improved traction for safer driving;
  • Improved resistance to bearing, saving fuel consumption and lowering CO2 emissions.
Copasil’s HDS silicas were designed for the production of tires for cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, industrial and agricultural vehicles, and others.
The processes and handling of our HDS silicas are designed to provide high-quality and high-performance tires and rubber compounds.


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